When Do New Media Professionals Need Liability Coverage?

When do new media professionals need liability coverage?

An insurance cover is essential to anyone whether working or not. If you are a media professional, then you undoubtedly know that the industry has its ups and downs that may you require being covered. This does not only mean being covered by commercial general liability insurance. This type of insurance may not cover you at all incidents especially when unforeseen events happen to you as a new media personality. In this case, it’s important to have the new media professional liability insurance. And here is when you need new media professional liability insurance.


Reasons you need coverage

First, it’s good to understand that new media professional liability insurance also known as errors & omissions liability insurance, helps shield your business and new media professionals against claims made by your clients that are not insured by general liability insurance. Below are the situations that this insurance might protect you against:


Development error

For a new web developer or media programmer, having this insurance cover might help much. It may help if you happen to create a new website for your client and after launching it, the shopping cart fails to work as it should. Your client will without doubt claim that he has lost business since his customers cannot carry out transactions. Also, the widgets you develop might fail to work after updating the website. This may result in claims by your client that the website cannot achieve its objectives as the widgets are not functioning properly. Therefore, this insurance protects you against such claims.


Inaccurate information

Even in the real world, there is always inaccurate information passed around intentionally or without knowing. As a content writer, you may run into problems with the client if you write incorrect information on their website. You may also require liability insurance as a new media professional if you are asked to promote a musician’s new album and you include a song, not on the album. This may cause confusion to the fans and thus cause your client to claim of having made fewer sales due to the errors you’ve done. Media professional liability insurance covers you against such claims.


Copyright infringement

If you are a new media personality, then you better be careful when it comes to copyright infringement. For new graphic designers, this is where this type of insurance comes in. For example, you may use a visual element in your project which you thought was free but you end being accused of copyright infringement. New media professional liability insurance may have you protected.


Bottom line

It is worth stating that your client may regard some of the errors as negligence on your part. Therefore, it is necessary to have new media professionals need liability coverage to protect you against such scenarios.







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